Frequently asked Questions

How do I order a Montage using the online system?

Click Here To Download Simple Instructions as a PDF File

  1. If you are in thumbnail view (small pictures) click on the icon under the thumbnail on the right that says “Click To Purchase” when you mouse over it. That will enlarge the image.

  2. Now on the right side of your screen you will see 3 links “Order Prints and Pricing” “Canvas Prints” and Click To Order Montage Prints” Click on the Link that says “Click To Order Montage Prints” You will then see a lsit of all the Montage Sizes and we Offer

  3. Chose the Montage size you would like, then click “More Info/Add To Cart”

  4. It will Then show you a box with “Text On Print” Here you can type in any wording you would like written on your montage, such as the event name, date, competitors name and placings etc.

  5. Once you have typed in any wording, click on the Button that says “Add To My Shopping Cart” It will Then say “you have selected 0 of xx” images depending on the size of montage chosen

  6. Next Step is Click on the Button that says “Add To My Package”. It will then say “you have chosen 1 of xx images”

  7. Next find the next image you wish to use on your montage

  8. Click on “Add to My Package” if in thumbnail View, a green box up the top of the screen will say “You Have Selected 2 of xx Images”

  9. Continue adding the images via this method until you have added all the images

  10. If you wish to check what images you have chosen click on “View Selected Images”

  11. If you get lost, go to the top of the screen and click on “Shopping Cart” you will see your Montage in your shopping cart and from there you can also choose “View Selected Images”

  12. Once you are happy with the images chosen, click on the button labelled “Check Out”

If you have any special instructions, such as a preferred feature shot in the middle, or a sample you like the look of, you can type it in the “Special Notes Or Comments For This Order” box which comes up before you finalise and “Place This Order

Can I see samples of Montages before ordering as I'm not sure what they look like?

Yes you can view some sample montages by clicking this link


Do you do other sports, or are you interested in bringing your onsite system to other sports events?

Yes, we cover many different sports and are always approachable to cover any sporting event

How do I find out if you have photos of myself or my horse
if they are not uploaded on the website?

to contact us with the Name, day, date of the event, and the times you were competing roughly within the hour. Also include the horse number, horse colour, and any special markings, and what riding gear you were wearing, and anything else that may help us identify you. Please remember, we take thousands of shots every week, and probably don't know what you or your horse looks like, nor do we file events by classes, so the date and time are the most important factors. The people that provide the most detailed information,
will get priority in searching for files.

Do you upload all events and photos on the website?

No we do not, due to the huge volume of shots we collect at each event, it is not always practical to upload everything, but if you are not on the website, this does not necessarily mean that we don't have photos , use the method above to contact us, and we will endeavor to look for your photos, but by far the eaiest way is to come to our Photo viewing Truck or Location onsite and save a FOLDER of your photos, as we always upload everybobodies saved FOLDERS after each event.

Can I get my photos printed at the event?

Yes but at selected events only.
We have a two fully equipped Hi-Tech vans onsite, the main van houses twenty four computers, and several Hi End Colour printers,
including the Latest Kodak Professional Photo Printing System that produces 8 x 12 Inch prints in 60 seconds.  In most cases you will be able to collect your prints within 10 minutes after ordering.

What size  photos can be  printed at the event?

We can print any size up to 10 x 8 inches on site.
Onsite we only sell prints on the 8 x 12 sheet size, and the minimum charge is $35 for an 8" x 12" sheet.
You may have any combination of 1 x 8" x 12", 2 x 6" x 8", size shots.
Sizes larger than this up to 40 x 60 inches will be output to our professional Lab services and posted
out to you, generally within 7-10 days from ordering.

Will you be at XXXXXX event?

We are at nearly all major events at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre, and many others,
please contact us to be sure what events we are covering.